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Cory S. Sheffield

Curator of Invertebrate Zoology

2340 Albert Street
Ph: 306-787-2850

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Research Interests
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Prospective Graduate Students
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Research Interests

My research interests are primarily focussed on all aspects of bees, including their diversity and taxonomy, ecology, and conservation with particular focus on the Canadian fauna. There are over 800 species of bees in Canada (200 species and counting in Saskatchewan), and many make important contributions to pollination of native and crop plant species. In addition to taxonomic research, I am interested in the impact that anthropogenic factors have on bee populations in the prairies, bee and pollination conservation, and investigating ways to encourage and manage native bees for pollination.

I am also interested in plant reproductive biology, especially insect pollinated species, and in general biodiversity/ecology studies of insects, spiders, and other arthropods of the prairie and adjacent regions.

Research Projects

Bee Taxonomy and Systematics
I am currently doing taxonomic revisions of the Canadian bee fauna. Currently, this includes the Canadian species of Andrena (Andrenidae), and the Anthophoriini (Anthophora and Habropoda: Apidae). I am also doing a revision and phylogeny of the subgenus Megachiloides (genus Megachile), a group found in southern Canada to northern Mexico. In the future, I hope to continue work on the taxonomy of the Canadian hymenopteran fauna. My research in taxonomy includes integrating morphology and molecular (i.e. DNA barcoding) approaches, including the use of a state of the art digital imaging system to produce web-based interactive keys.

Bee Ecology and Conservation
I am interested in researching the aspects of the life history of bees (and other Hymenoptera) to answer questions like: Where do they nest? What do they require for food? How do they survive winter? What can we do to promote, conserve, and perhaps manage bee species to meet our future pollination needs?

Pollination and Plant Reproduction
As bees are the most important pollinators, I am interested in understanding the details of pollination, including the mechanisms by which it is achieved in natural and crop plants.

Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in bees, their conservation, and/or in the important ecological services they provide, and are thinking of pursuing graduate studies in this or related areas, please contact me so we can discuss potential projects and funding options. Although I will continuously be looking for funding opportunities for exciting bee-related projects, students who have secured external funding and/or scholarships would be most welcome. Of course, other ideas for diversity/ecology projects with other insect/arthropod groups are welcome, so please contact me via email, and let me know of your interests, education/experiences and what type of project(s) you are interested in.

Prospective graduate students must meet the requirements of the faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and the Biology Department at the University of Regina.


Peer-reviewed Publications

Scientific Journal Articles

75. Sheffield, C.S., and D. Yanega. 2023. Teratognathini Silveira, the priority family-group name for Ancyloscelidini Engel and Michener (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Apidae: Eucerinae). Zootaxa [in press].

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Book Editor

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