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Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Join us for an evening of remembrance and reconciliation.

Sep 29, 2021
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Life Speaker and Residential School Survivor, Tim Poitras from Muscowpetung First Nation speaks with students about his residential school experience. Musician and youth mentor Brad Bellegarde, aka InfoRed, shares his song “I Remember”, honouring his parents as residential school survivors.

Sep 30, 2021


Repatriation and Shared Stewardship

The Ethnology Reserve Collection at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is a special collection that presently contains 404 sacred and ceremonial objects, identified by Elders of Saskatchewan. Through consultation, the advice of Elders has been followed regarding the traditional protocols for the care and stewardship of this special collection. The Ethnology Reserve Collection includes items such as pipes, pipe bags, pipe stems, eagle feathers, eagle bone whistles, drums, rattles and bundles. The list of sacred objects in the Ethnology Reserve Collection is available upon request by Indigenous individuals with ties to the sacred objects.

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