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Royal Saskatchewan Museum

In 1906, the Provincial Museum (as it was called then) was formed to "secure and preserve natural history specimens and objects of historical and ethnological interest". Since these early beginnings, the Museum's purpose has expanded to use these specimens and objects to educate communities through our programs, exhibits and research. By clearly defining our current vision, mission and mandate, we provide ourselves with a guidepost to follow when building exhibits, delivering programs and doing research.

Vision and Values

Vision Statement

A society wherein our natural and cultural heritage is understood and appreciated.

Mission Statement

Collecting, preserving, interpreting and sharing knowledge with communities.

We may consider ourselves successful when all people are fully involved in this process of learning and understanding, and, therefore, are able to interpret the world around them and make informed and wise decisions regarding their cultures and resources.


The Royal Saskatchewan Museum furthers an understanding of Saskatchewan's natural history and Indigenous cultures, past and present. It communicates that understanding through all available media, especially exhibits and publications, in a culturally and scientifically sensitive manner for the purposes of education and enjoyment. The Museum's principal means of understanding and communicating is through acquisition, conservation and research of appropriate material evidence of human and natural history.

To further the understanding of Saskatchewan's natural history and Indigenous cultures the Museum

  • collects, studies and preserves specimens, artifacts and information that illustrate and contribute to knowledge of Saskatchewan's natural history and Indigenous cultures;
  • interprets and communicates knowledge about Saskatchewan's natural history and Indigenous cultures through exhibits, demonstrations, lectures, publications, films and special programs; and,
  • actively supports other scientific, scholarly or amateur groups or individuals involved in the study of Saskatchewan's natural history and Indigenous cultures.

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The Royal Saskatchewan Museum and T.rex Discovery Centre are situated on Treaty 4 territory, the ancestral and traditional territory of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota and homeland of the M├ętis Nation. We acknowledge the land in an act of reconciliation to those whose traditional territories we are on.