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May & June

Spring Fieldtrips

May and June are the busiest months for fieldtrips to the Museum. We offer a combination of guided and self-use experiences during your visit. We can accomodate up to two classes in guided programming. Morning fieldtrips begin at 9:45 a.m. and afternoon fieldtrips begin at 1:15 p.m. 

To visit the Museum on your own timetable, without booking a guided program with Museum staff, choose a Teacher Supervised Visit on the online booking request. Worksheets for the galleries are available for you to print. 


Single Class: Up to 40 students (1 hour); split into 2 groups

  Group A Group B
30 min Guided Program #1 Teacher Supervised Visit to Galleries OR Guided Program #2
30 min Teacher Supervised Visit to Galleries OR Guided Program #2 Guided Program #1

Double Class: 40 - 60 students (1.5 hours); split into 3 groups

  Group A Group B Group C
30 min Guided Program #1 Guided Program #2 Teacher Supervised Visit to Galleries
30 min Teacher Supervised Visit to Galleries Guided Program #1 Guided Program #2
30 min Guided Program #2 Teacher Supervised Vistit to Galleries Guided Program #1


Spring Things (K-2): When you live off the land, you have to change with the seasons. A focus on nature in spring and how First Nations people lived on the land in this special season.

Fossil Fun (K-2): Visit the fossils in the Earth Science Gallery. Then enjoy teacher directed play in the playroom.

Toys and Games (Grade 3-5): Long ago (and today), First Nations people used games to pass time, build community and teach important skills to the youth. Students have a chance to play stalking and accuracy games as part of this active program. This is an outdoor program; please dress accordingly.

Saskatchewan Fossils (Grade 3-5): What do fossils tell us? Through use of hands-in replicas and real fossils, students explore different time periods, environments of the past and the work of our Royal Saskatchewan Museum paleontologists.

Hunting Through Time (Grade 6-8): Students will discuss changes to First Nations hunting technologies based on environmental changes through time. They will have the chance to look at authentic stone tools and weapons and discuss their manufacture.  Students will get an opportunity to throw spears or shoot atlatls if weather outside permits, please dress accordingly! 

Climate Change: It's About Time (Grade 6-8):  Explore the climate of Saskatchewan when dinosaurs roamed the earth and compare to our present climate.  What is the difference between climate change over millions of years and the climate change that concerns us today? Students will visit the new SaskTel Be Kind Online Learning Lab and the sphere in our new gallery, Home: Life in the Anthropocene.



To book a program fill out the online booking request.  Each request is time stamped and handled in the order they are received.  In the comments indicate your preferred program(s).


If your class is able, please consider making a donation of $3 per student to the Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. All donations go to support programs, exhibits and world class research. The Museum Shop can issue you a receipt upon donation or arrange for an invoice to be sent to the school.

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