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Megamunch Is Retiring

Megamunch and Friends

Yes, it's true, Megamunch, our favourite half-sized robotic Tyrannosaurus rex, is calling it a career. Megamunch, who has been greeting visitors for 37 years with a mighty roar, is retiring in February. We'll be planning activities over the coming months. In the meantime, wish Megamunch all the best in retirement with your messages, drawings and photos below. We'd all love to hear from you. Messages will be shared with Megamunch and put on display.

Visit soon, Megamunch's last day at work is February 25, 2024.

Share your Megamunch memories with us.

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FAQs about Megamunch's Retirement

Who is Megamunch?

In 1986, the ground at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum shook as we welcomed a half-sized robotic Tyrannosaurus rex. At the time, Megamunch was the first of his kind in Canada. Unlike his ferocious ancestors that lived here over 66 million years ago, he really likes meeting new people, making friends (though not always successfully, especially with the younger ones) and greeting each with a cheerful roar. See him before he retires in February 2024, settled next to the Museum theatre.

Okay, yes, Megamunch is retiring. But really, what is happening to the dino?

After 37 years on the job, Megamunch’s mechanics, technology and hydraulics are at the end of their life – even his skin is deteriorating. That's right, Megamunch runs on 37-year-old parts that no longer have feasible replacements. As such, Megamunch will be stored safely in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum warehouse alongside other artifacts, objects and specimens, and receive the same level of care.

Wait. Why can't I buy Megamunch?

Megamunch’s mechanics, technology and hydraulics are at the end of their lifecycle--even his skin is deteriorating. Plus, over the years, Megamunch has suffered several breakdowns and outages, including a major outage in 2001 that threatened to derail his city-wide birthday party. In 2003, he underwent major skin reconstruction to help protect his skin from cracking and tearing each time he moved.

Can't Megamunch be refurbished?

We have looked into this but it is not viable. Megamunch would need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Will anything be created to replace Megamunch?

At this time, there are no plans to replace Megamunch. A tribute will be created to commemorate Megamunch. Do share your memories of Megamunch in the form above and we'll include it in the display.

What if we start a fundraiser for Megamunch?

Donations are always welcome at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Please consider putting your donations towards funding new exhibitions, free educational programs and special events, and help care for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum collection, all of which are crucial to the province’s vibrancy.

How am I going to break this news of Megamunch's retirement to my kids?

Let them know that Megamunch is going back to the Cretaceous to be with his theropod family and friends. However, do remember that you can still send Megamunch messages through the form above even though he's returned to the Cretaceous. Megamunch loves reading fan mail and would love to hear from you.


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