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Home: Life in the Anthropocene

See the impacts we are making on the geological record. Learn how you can make a difference.

Human activity has had a significant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystem during the most recent geological period, the Anthropocene. Explore the relationship between people and the environment, as well as the benefits nature provides at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s new gallery ‘Home: Life in the Anthropocene’.

The gallery provides a dramatic, artistic and educational experience for all ages about our climate, biodiversity, species at risk and other global trends. Come and celebrate our only home, Earth, and our shared history on this planet.

Home: Life in the Anthropocene

The exhibit is divided into four major areas:

  1. What is the Anthropocene? – Learn how we affect our world, current environmental trends, Saskatchewan’s endangered species and what our future might look like.
  2. Human Impacts – How does Saskatchewan fit into the world? Through an immersive experience, with data from NASA and NOAA and using the exclusive Science on a Sphere floating globe system, find out how we fit in, and what we can do to address topics like biodiversity, climate, resources, agriculture, health and social justice.
  3. Going Global – Walk through an urban back alley to discover how the issues that we face today were created and what impacts they are having on us.
  4. A Natural Solution – Nature has limits, but it also has healing powers and can be cyclical. Join in a celebration of nature through song and artistry and discover solutions to create a better future.

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