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School Programs Online

Videoconferencing in the Classroom

Is your class unable to visit in person? Meet with one of our museum educators virtually through Microsoft Teams.  Request one of the videos below, or check out additional videos under Classroom Resources.  Do you have questions?  Send your list of questions and request a 20-30 minute follow-up videoconference with one of our museum educators. 

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Three video-based programs are available:

  • Winter Whys (Grade 1-3)

    • Discover what our Saskatchewan animals do to prepare for our long, cold winters.
  • Discovering Fossils (Grade 1-3)

    • Students learn about different types of fossils and discover how Royal Saskatchewan Museum palaeontologists study fossils to learn about the past.
  • Slice of Life (Grade 4-8)

    • Explore the differences in climate, landforms and biodiversity between the present ecozones of Saskatchewan and compare to the biodiversity, landforms and climate of Saskatchewan in the Late Cretaceous to see how our province has changed over time.  

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