Elder Hazel Dixon

Gather together and celebrate Indigenous Storytelling Month with Elder Hazel Dixon. She has recorded 14 new Indigenous stories to share with us. Traditionally, storytelling was an important source of education and entertainment during the long winter months. Elders pass down the knowledge, traditions, and morals of their people to the next generation.


This video series was developed in partnership with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

Elder Hazel Dixon is a storyteller of Ojibway/Mohawk ancestry. She taught at the Come ‘n’ Learn Head Start program in Regina for 15 years and is a Life Skills Coach Facilitator. Many of Hazel’s stories are Indigenous legends and she was the Elder Recipient of the 2012 Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Award. Elder Hazel is known and loved by many teachers and students through her continued work as an Elder in Residence with the Regina Public and Catholic school divisions.