Classroom Resources

Use a visit to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum or T.rex Discovery Centre as part of a larger inquiry project in your classroom!


Students work individually, in groups, and as a class to activate background knowledge using a KWL chart. The main topic being explored may be as wide as you like e.g. Geology and Palaeontology, so that the project fits with many curriculum outcomes. Students use wonderings from the chart to develop the big question for their inquiry project.

  • Museum Fieldtrip

Students add to their background knowledge and stimulate new wonderings through a program with one of our knowledgeable museum educators. See our programs here.

Students use wonderings from the KWL chart and their visit to the museum to develop the big question for their inquiry project.  Students build on the wonderings to create big questions, mini questions and an outline for their research into the topic.  Need some help with research?  Visit our Education Resources Page to find pamphlets, booklets, videos and more!

  • Final Project and Sharing

Students choose a format to “show what they know”. Possibilities include: Essay, PowerPoint, newspaper, collage, pamphlet, interview, talk show, poster, scrapbook, or video.