By: Nick Cairns, Graham Rothwell and Sam Jaques

Today was a productive day we collected our first live velvet ant and caught two horned lizards. Can you see the horned lizard? It's very well camouflaged and in the middle of the image.

Horned Lizard

We also found the eastern fork of our badlands cow wallow was almost completely dry stranding all the small spadefoot tadpoles. We left them too their fates in the morning and when we returned to in the afternoon they were dry and crusty but a poke revealed that at least some were alive. As an experiment we added water to the least dry hoof print and all began swimming vigorously and the same for the more desiccated hoof prints.

Spadefoot Tadpoles

Interestingly they are very under developed compared to those in the slightly deeper area of the wallow (note the little tiny spades). Those with even tiny legs seem very adept at using them compared to other species. Lots of research questions there.

The spades on the feet are used to dig holes.