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Big Bert Exhibit

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Big Bert is the world's most complete Terminonaris robusta crocodile skeleton; discovered right here in Saskatchewan. This marine predator was 5.6 m (19 feet) long; its skull alone was more than 1 m long. It lived around 92 million years ago when Saskatchewan was under a great inland sea. Palaeontologist Tim Tokaryk first discovered part of the skeleton along the banks of the Carrot River in the Pasquia Hills in 1991. A year later, the RSM and a crew from the Canadian Museum of Nature collected the rest of the fossil.

Two museum-quality models were cast from the fossilized bones of the original specimen. The first was on display in the museum lobby during the summer of 2011, when it was taken down to be reworked into this larger display that is now the RSM's third travelling exhibit. The second model was installed at Pasquia Regional Park in 2011, near its Carrot River home.

In addition to the crocodile, visitors see fossil casts of other sea life, such as clams, birds and fish that lived during Big Bert's time. Most impressive is the jumbled bones of the Xiphactinus (zih-FAK-tin-us), a vicious fish that would have been about 3 m long, his bones still in the tangle they were found. Further in the exhibit visitors can virtually dive amongst the sea creatures and will be able to e-mail pictures from the exhibit to friends and family.

Big Bert is brought back to life through 3D imaging that allow visitors to spin the bones around in any direction and to also flesh out the animal for some in depth and interactive study of the cast. This exhibit promises to be a real show stopper, keeping the RSM's standard of superior quality in exhibit display.

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WDM, Yorkton
Humboldt Museum
WDM, NorthBattleford
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