MegamunchIn 1986, the ground at the Museum shook as staff welcomed their newest member, a half-sized robotic Tyrannosaurus rex. He was the first of his kind in Canada and most people didn't know what to expect. Unlike his ferocious ancestors that lived here over 65 million years ago, he seemed to really like children (to play with, not to eat), greeting them with a "friendly" roar each time he saw them. After holding a province-wide contest, elementary school student Carin Taylor won with the name "Megamunch."

In 1997, construction for the Life Sciences Gallery began and Megamunch had to move. Well, sometimes a little change of scenery is good. One of his travels took him to the Regina Airport where he loudly greeted visitors to our city as they arrived. Now settled in his present location next to the Museum theatre, he can at last greet Museum visitors from his home territory.

August 4, 2003, was a special day for Megamunch. Over 500 Museum visitors helped celebrate his 65,000,017 birthday by making cards, eating dinosaur cookies, painting their faces and decorating the front walk with coloured chalk. Every August since, the RSM has invited everyone to celebrate his birthday with us.

Facebook LogoHave you ever wished that you could have a dinosaur as a friend?
Well now you can, find Megamunch on facebook and friend him if you dare!