The Human Factor

Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel

Explore the regional and global changes associated with human activity and potential solutions to the issues they cause. Many of the problems we face are reflections of the industrialized world view and lifestyles that isolate people from nature and from each other.

Study the timeline wall to see major changes in the global ecosystem over the last 600 million years, including extinction events, the composition of the atmosphere, global temperature and human population growth and energy use.

While biodiversity has increased over time, with periodic major extinction events, today's extinction event is a result of habitat changes resulting from human activity.  As our population increases, we take over more and more of the space and resources of this planet.


The Living Planet

The Earth - a single ecosystem made up of smaller ecosystems – provides a range of services, like climate control, which are not considered in most measures of human economic activity.

Social and ecological stress results in different types of overpopulation, poverty and disease, pollution, resource depletion, extinction and the uneven distribution of wealth and power. The Clock Case shows how rapidly world population is increasing while productive land and global biodiversity are both decreasing.



Examine attitudes and behaviours associated with the industrialized worldview before exploring the importance of relationships that link people to nature and to each other. Choices made by individuals, groups, and corporations can make a difference. There is a growing list of "success stories" aimed at sustainability. You can lessen your impact – your footprint – on this planet.