CN T. rex Gallery

Scotty, the most massive Tyrannosaurus rex in the world, is on display at Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Originally discovered by an RSM research team in Saskatchewan’s Frenchman River Valley in 1991, Scotty’s fossilized remains were painstakingly removed – almost completely by hand – over the next two decades from the rock in which they were embedded. That work was finished in 2014, thanks to employees, students and volunteers. A perfect replica was first unveiled in Eastend on March 13, 2015.

Now, thanks to investment by the Ministry of Central Services, a grant from Heritage Canada’s Cultural Spaces Fund and CN, the RSM has launched a two-tiered viewing and gathering space with Scotty as its star attraction.

The creation of this space dramatically impacts – in many positive ways – the cultural landscape of our city and province. The upper tier offers a significant place for the visiting public to hold events and celebrations – all while staring Scotty directly in the eye. The lower tier anchors Scotty’s massive feet, and fosters a sense of awe among those gazing up at her gigantic body. The podium anchoring Scotty will feature additional items such as rare dinosaur feathers and other relevant showcases about Scotty, programming at the RSM and upcoming events.