Indigenous Studies

Banner ImageThe Indigenous Studies Program works to preserve the material culture of Saskatchewan with the goal of enhancing and celebrating knowledge about lifeways and worldviews through time.

The Ethnology section actively engages in the preservation of Saskatchewan Indigenous objects including clothing and tools from the post contact period.

The Archaeology section participates in ongoing research and excavation projects around the province and also serves as the provincial repository for all artifacts* from archaeological excavations throughout Saskatchewan.

The repatriation and stewardship of Saskatchewan Indigenous sacred objects held in the Ethnology Reserve Collection of the museum is a recent and important addition to the program with the implementation of a new policy in January 2011.

*Our artifacts are digitized but they are not currently available online. If you have any inquiries regarding our artifacts, please contact our curators directly.




  • Repatriation & Shared Stewardship

    This policy for the care and repatriation of the sacred objects in the Ethnology Reserve Collection at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum has been built on the interests, needs and cultural perspectives of Indigenous peoples.