Gr 1–3: Discovering Dinosaurs

Grade 1-3

Available Tuesday – Thursday weekly.

This online program consists of two portions. 

  1. Video: Stand-alone video lesson about fossils: Join RSM interpreters to see replicas and real fossils.  Learn about how fossils form, explore the different types of fossils that are found and learn about how Royal Saskatchewan Museum paleontologists study fossils to learn about Saskatchewan’s past. (Note: This portion can be done without the interactive program).
  2. Interactive Program – online Microsoft Teams Meeting (approximately 45 minutes):  Students work through a science challenge, to determine if a variety of fossils are dinosaurs or not.  This is a live online experience through Microsoft Teams where your class can work with an RSM interpreter and also ask questions.  Teacher computer screens will need to be projected for the class to see and hear.  Teachers will assist in coordinating communication between the RSM interpreter and the class during this program.  A worksheet will be available to be used during this live experience. (Note: This portion is intended to be done after the video portion.  They do not have to be done on the same day). Contact for more information.