Dinos In 3D

Here at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, we are curious to know how dinosaurs moved and what they may have sounded like. Download the three special Royal Saskatchewan Museum dinosaur postcards below (or grab a set from our Front Desk) and download the Dinos in 3D app to bring three RSM dinosaurs to life: Scotty, the world's largest T. rex, Skinny the Edmontosaurus and Tritan the Triceratops. All three were discovered by RSM palaeontologists!

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Dinos in 3D is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Dinos in 3D uses augmented reality so be aware of your surroundings and use caution while using the app. Using this app while walking or driving may lead to localized extinction events. Parental supervision is advised for young children because dinosaurs can be scary creatures. Have fun, but stay safe!


Dinos in 3D is brought to you by Rajnibhai Gediya.
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There are dinosaurs in reality and then there are dinosaurs in augmented reality where Triceratops chases T. rex, T. rex can have coffee and even meld with a Tricertops! What kind of adventure will these dinosaurs find themselves in next? Share your Dinos In 3D experience with us by tagging #RSMDinosIn3D.