By Leanne Heisler and Allie Gallon

Dr. Somers with the University of Regina, and his summer intern Jessica Hieheus from Brazil, came out to help me search for snakes. This was great because we were able to search two areas that we've been meaning to look at for a while now, and we continued our search for snakes southeast of Bengough. We didn't find anything only two escapees. One was a good sized snake we saw on the road and the other was seen northwest of Castle Butte!! Dang!!!

Juvenile Racer

Not all was lost, Jessica had a good look at a juvenile Yellow-bellied Racer (nicknamed ‘bitey’) I caught yesterday southeast of Bengough, AND we got to eat lunch on Castle Butte. I went out afterwards to see if I could find that escapee snake on the road again, but no such luck, on the way back I shooed one smooth green snake off the road and found another two road kill ones. 

That’s all for now, tomorrow will be a long one since I'll be setting up all of my traps at a new location.