Although not a species found is Saskatchewan, this week's bug recognizes a new species of bee named after RSM researcher, Cory Sheffield.

Introducing Mexalictus sheffieldi, a new sweat bee* species from Guatemala named after Dr. Cory Sheffield, Curator of Invertebrate Zoology. It is one of 21 new species in this genus of Mesoamerican bees; only 5 species were previously known. All species of Mexalictus occur at high elevations from southern Arizona to Panama. This bee species is known from only one specimen (the type specimen) which Dr. Sheffield found while examining a vial of bee specimens which were collected in 1987 and later stored as “bi-catch” by researchers at the Canadian National Collection. The specimen was later recognized and described as a new species by Sheila Dumesh, a graduate student at York University in Toronto. This really demonstrates the importance of museums collecting and storing all insects collected during biodiversity surveys; the material may help researchers from other institutions for years to come.

The link to the article by Sheila Dumesh is here:

*Sweat bee is the common name for any bees that are attracted to the salt in human sweat.