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#BigMuddySnakes: Off to the Hibernaculum

Winter is quickly approaching as I finish up my fieldwork down in the…

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Summer in the Cretaceous

With the coming of fall, it is a good time to review the fieldwork…

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#WascanaTurtles: Winter Is Coming

And just like that, it’s the beginning of September. Where did…

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Happy 50th #WascanaTurtles

July 7th marked a very special occasion for the Wascana Turtle Program…

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Canada Rocks

Scotty is 10th on my list of the 10 most awesome rocks in Canada.…

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Record Breaking #WascanaTurtles

One month of the Wascana Turtle Program is now complete and I cannot…

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#WascanaTurtles on World Turtle Day

Over the next two summers, I will be researching the ecology and…

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New Species of Wasps Found in Canadian Cretaceous Amber

My paper, co-authored with Michael Engel, was recently published.…

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Why Ethnobotany? Part 2

Blueberries. In my last discussion I noted that there was great…

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Why Ethnobotany?

Way back in 1990, I was in the University of Calgary bookstore one…

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Repatriation of Sacred and Ceremonial Objects: The Royal Saskatchewan Museum Story

When the First Nations gallery was re-developed in the late 1980s,…

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