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Fossils (and Dinosaurs) Loan Kit

Fossils (and Dinosaurs) Loan Kit



  • Geological History of Saskatchewan
  • Canadian Dinosaurs 
  • Jurassic Poop
  • Dinosaurs for Every Kid


  • T. rex Tooth (replica of Scotty)
  • T. rex Tooth (in box)
  • Dinosaur Bone Fragments (3)
  • Dinosaur Vertebra
  • Duck-billed Dinosaur Toe Bone (replica)
  • Hadrosaur Skin (2 replicas)
  • Plastic Mount Fossil
  • Advances Fossil Set #1 (3 boxes, 2 green, 1 brown)
  • Fossils Specimens (Dinosaur Bone, Clam, Ammonite & Wood )

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