REGINA Royal Saskatchewan Museum EASTEND T.rex Discovery Centre

Through dioramas and displays, learn how nature maintains its dynamic balance. The Life Science Gallery is a celebration of Saskatchewan's rich landscapes and biological diversity.

The Earth Science Gallery describes Saskatchewan's fascinating ancient history and geological resources. Explore dinosaurs and other extinct creatures that have lived in Saskatchewan during the past two billion years.

The First Nations Gallery offers a dramatic view of the history and traditions of Aboriginal societies that live in Saskatchewan. See First Nations artwork and learn about their relationship with the land over the past 10,000 years.


In 1991, a large vertebra was found near the town of Eastend, SK. This exciting discovery turned out to be Scotty, one of the largest, most complete T. rex skeletons in the world.

Since day one, Scotty has given us massive amounts of dinosaur knowledge and you can learn all  about  it  and  other exciting  discoveries at the T.rex Discovery Centre!

The T.rex Discovery Centre is a centre of excellence for scientific research and education as well as a leading tourist attraction for the province of Saskatchewan.